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Build and utilize the finest Web3 applications on Synthron Chain, among the World-Class Blockchain Platforms shaping the future of finance.

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Synthron is the blockchain network with everything you need to build your big idea.

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Synthron Chain’s


Synthron's goal is to provide a platform for developers to launch dêcntralized applications; while helping to reduce transaction costs, support multi-language as well as increase the performance of transactions


Fast transaction speed, great scalability

With transaction fees at $0.01 or less, developers can now deliver a frictionless experience to their users—without anyone having to worry about gas fees.



Nearly instant transactions

Execute transactions in one second for an unrivaled web3 user experience.



Sublinear, reliable, fault-tolerant blockchain

Its sublinear architecture ensures efficient and scalable performance, making it an ideal choice for various applications. With a strong emphasis on reliability, Synthron Chain minimizes the risk of downtime and ensures consistent performance even in challenging conditions.



Built to scale

Spread across more than 60+ countries, the Fantom network is borderless, permissionless, and global.



Supports multiple programming languages

Synthron Chain can be built using languages such as C, C++, Rust, and Solidity, and it offers versatile integration with virtual servers. It boasts exceptionally rapid block generation and transaction speeds while ensuring zero concerns about blockchain scalability. Additionally, it provides enterprise-level security.


Synthron Chain Architecture

An EVM-compatible execution environment that empowers Solidity developers and their dApps to benefit from the scalability and security of the Synthron Chain.

EVM Compatible

A consensus technique that is more streamlined and scalable, while retaining security using a variety of validators that are run by several parties.

PoA Consensus

The Synthron Chain Architecture Chain Bridge allows for interoperability as well as bridging to other chains such as Ethereum Smart Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and others.

Cross-chain Bridge


/ 3

SYNTH bridge

SYNTH Bridge allows users to swap between Synthron Chain and other blockchains freely.





Synthron Chain is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interoperable and sovereign blockchain apps and services, built for a decentralized future.


SYNTH Scan is where you can find block explorer and analytics


An all-in-one Decentralized Finance platform


Through Synth wallet products, we want to build payment, transfer, and other actions into applications, connect and activate all digital assets

/ SYNTHscan

Through SYNTH Scan, users can search for information about blocks added to the blockchain, transactions occurring on the blockchain, wallet balances and information about the SYNTH token.

Welcome to synth ecosystem


/ Multi-Chain Assetss

On Synth Wallet, you can store thousands of coins and tokens from the most well-known blockchains.

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/ Send/ Receive Tokens

On Synth Wallet, you can quickly and conveniently send and store a variety of coins/tokens.For everyone's benefit, the gas fee and transaction speed have been optimized.

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/ Router

Connect chains by establishing bridge connections with compatible chains and operating decentralized bridges with chains like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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/ Secure

Synth Wallet is extremely secure, the best place to hold digital assets and manage accounts across many chains.

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/ Non-Custodial

Non-custodial wallet holders have control over their private keys, and therefore control their funds completely. They don’t need to trust a third party exchange to properly manage their assets.

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/ Dapps

With Smart Contract, users can connect to Dapps to serve their own needs, or furthur, serve the community. Current Dapps on SYNTH Chain include: Swap, Launchpad, Yield Farming, Staking, Bridge

SYNTH Bridge

Cross-chain bridges are also autonomous entities that do not belong to any blockchain; we want to be one of the world's leading solution ecosystems.


SynthSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that uses the Synthron Chain ecosystem's first automatic market making mechanism (AMM DEX). SynthSwap exchange is where standard token trades on Synthron Chain happen.


SynthPad allows projects to raise funds from a community of professional and retail investors. The future of fundraising will be decentralized, but it will only scale if it allows for an interoperable token swap through a well-regulated platform and an incentivized community.

SYNTH Staking

Synth Staking is a Staking product, helping you to receive tokens in the easiest way. You just stake SYNTH and get tokens for free.

Yield Farming

Yield farming is the process of putting crypto assets to work in order to get the most "yield" from them. In simple terms, it means locking up your digital assets and getting paid for it

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Developer Docs

Our growing, open-source developer community also enables access to relevant documentation and support for dApp developers

Develop on Synthron with tools you've already mastered, like Metamask, Remix and Truffle. With a fully EVM-compatible network, dApp deployment on Synthron is identical to Ethereum.

Learn how to build a chain.

Develop on Synthron with tools you’ve already mastered, like Metamask, Remix and Truffle. With a fully EVM-compatible network, dApp deployment on Synthron is identical to Ethereum.

Access powerful API integrations

Bridge the gap with Web3JS APIs and start developing your digital assets on our network today.

Built on open-source principles

Synthron is essentially a developer initiative that encourages co-creation. Synthron blockchain is based on the open source code, allowing any interested party to read, monitor, and contribute to the codebase without restrictions. We believe that progress is made through collaboration and we invite you to participate in the expansion of our expanding ecosystem.

Phase 1

Phase 1

Project Inception and Development

Project Inception and Development

Conceptualization: Define the core idea and objectives of Synthron Chain.

Team Formation: Assemble a skilled and dedicated team.

Market Research: Analyze the competitive landscape and user needs.

Whitepaper: Draft the project's whitepaper outlining the vision, technology, and tokenomics.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Core Development and Devnet

Core Development and Devnet

Blockchain Development: Start building the Synthron Chain with a focus on scalability, security, and speed.

Devnet Launch: Deploy a devnet for developers to experiment and provide feedback.

Partnerships: Collaborate with other projects for integration and support.

Phase 3

Phase 3

Fundraising and Presale .

Fundraising and Presale .

Conceptualization: Define the core idea and objectives of Synthron Chain.

Team Formation: Assemble a skilled and dedicated team.

Market Research: Analyze the competitive landscape and user needs.

Whitepaper: Draft the project's whitepaper outlining the vision, technology, and tokenomics.

Phase 4

Phase 4

Mainnet Launch and Ecosystem Growth

Mainnet Launch and Ecosystem Growth

Mainnet Deployment: Launch the Synthron Mainnet, ensuring stability and security.

Staking and Validator Onboarding: Implement staking rewards and onboard validators.

Developer Outreach: Encourage developers to build on Synthron Chain.

Phase 5

Phase 5

Ecosystem Expansion DApp Integration: Attract

Ecosystem Expansion DApp Integration: Attract

DApp Integration: Attract decentralized application (DApp) developers to build on Synthron Chain.

NFT Marketplace: Develop an NFT marketplace to promote digital asset ownership.

Community Building: Foster an engaged and active community around Synthron.

Phase 6

Phase 6

Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability and Innovation

Continuous Development: Maintain and improve the Synthron Chain based on user feedback and technological advancements.

Research and Development: Explore new technologies, scalability solutions, and partnerships to keep Synthron competitive.

Global Adoption: Focus on international expansion and adoption in various industries.


Join a fast-growing community of developers and innovators connected all over the world, building the new era of the internet.


10,000,000 SYNTH

Meet our team

Barbara Lim


Logan Romero

UI/UX Designer

We’re committed to meeting the highest standards for regulatory compliance to maintain our responsibility to our users and further build a sustainable path forward for the blockchain industry

Patt M

Mobile Developer

Andrian Morin


Paolo Shwarzt

Blockchain Developer

Our advisor

Saul Pink

Pinksale Advisor



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Synthron Treasure User Guide

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